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Congressman  George Santos



Meet George Anthony Kitara

Natural Health Specialist & NASA Engineer

My Fellow Americans - 

I have been called a pathological liar, a criminal, a narcissist, a nazi, and a homosexual. I have seen the worst of people during my campaign, and unfortunately, while being a sitting congressman. 
As a child growing up during the World War Sequel, I came across so many soldiers who would tell me, “Kid, this is for you. You pay us back by running for congress someday and give back to the people. If it means a fib here and there then so be it.” That soldier who spoke these words to me? Private James Francis Ryan who later required saving.
I took those words to heart. And later, when I enlisted in The Spanish-American War, I was torn apart knowing I was both Spanish and White-ish, but still I fought on both sides.
In the 70’s as a teenager I decided it was time to put aside my career as lyricist for Elton John and start focusing on what Private Ryan asked me to do…serve my country as a congressman. I spent years getting to this point, and now, finally, I did what I was asked to do by an actual soldier, later played on the screen by the Bitcoin actor.
With all of this being said, I had to ask myself the question that was inspired by one of the most iconic characters I’ve ever created, “What would Luke Skywalker do?” I’ll tell you what he would do, he would embrace the dark side because no matter how much you lie, the dark side will always support you because that supports their agenda of power over all. In the end, it's all about power. And THAT is the most honest I have ever been or ever will be.
Anyway, catch me later this year as I take over the Henry Winkler role on the HBO show, BARRY. Henry gave it to me.
George or whatevs my name is…
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“George Santos is the worst of the worst but he is the GOP. He represents what the GOP stands for, which is power by any means necessary.”

— Kevin McCarthy

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